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Northumbria Teaching in School @ Sele First and North East Partners

This course is part of the Northumbria Teacher Training in School programme which is accredited by Northumbria University as part of their Initial Teacher Education (ITE) provision. Northumbria ITE puts schools at the heart of supportive, high-quality training for the teachers of tomorrow.

Sele First School have been training our own student teachers in school for a number of years as part of an national initiative.  The trainees have completed placements in schools across the partner schools, which also encompasses Tyne and Wear. Sele First School is the lead school in the training programme.  We are currently recruiting students for next year.  If you or any of your family or friends are interested in training to become a teacher please look on our website or contact Brooke Phillips via the School Office for further information.


Why train with Sele First School

Teaching is a vocation; a job that is both satisfying and rewarding; it is a role like no other. Sele First School  are the lead school in the North East Partnership.

We have been training our own student teachers in school since 2012 as part of a national initiative previously called School Direct.  The accredited course, run in conjunction with Northumbria University courses are based on the skills education establishments are looking for in a newly qualified teacher (NQT).  Designed by groups of schools in partnership with a university, the schools recruit you as a trainee with a job in mind just for you.  This is a popular choice for those who hope to secure a role in the network of schools where they train.  The principles of academic rigour are the same as on university-led courses.  You’re also equally eligible for a training bursary or scholarship and can apply for the same financial support, such as student loans.

Northumbria Teaching in School @ Sele First and North East Partners course last a full school academic year September to July and result in qualified teacher status (QTS) – and also award a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) and/or Master’s-level credits.

Trainees complete placements in schools across the North East Partnership, which encompasses schools across four Local Authorities – Northumberland, Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland.  All rated Good or outstanding by Ofsted.  We are a Primary phase specialist alliance.  All our schools have provided successful Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) in the past and currently provide PGCE placements for Newcastle and Northumbria universities.

Our schools include Sele First School, Shaftoe Trust Primary, Prudhoe Adderlane,  Stamfordham First, Marine Park Primary, Throckley Primary, St. Aiden’s Catholic Primary Gateshead, Prudhoe West First, Shilbottle Primary, Seahouses Primary, West Jesmond Primary, Hotspur Primary, Wingorve Primary, Brunton Park First and Benton Park Primary.  We will find 2 schools that suit you best taking into account where you live.

Our outcomes are outstanding; many of our trainees have secured teaching positions, many within our schools.  This training model has the highest recruitment rate of all the teacher training routes offered at our partner university.

What we are looking for

We seek graduates who are enthusiastic and energetic; those eager to work with young people and make a difference. The successful candidate will be well qualified, self-motivating, adaptable, and imaginative.

You understand children are at the heart of the teaching profession and you have a strong desire to enthuse and motivate children.

You will recognise that young people in our charge possess unique gifts and potential, and all of equal worth, regardless of socio-economic background or intellectual ability.

Through developing professional honesty and personal integrity you will be able to set and achieve high standards and show you believe in our young people, and help them achieve the self-discipline and the best possible academic standards.

About this Training Programme

University Aspect

Northumbria University is recognised by Ofsted as an Outstanding provider of initial teacher training.  The Northumbria Teaching in School programme at Northumbria University is tailored to meet the individual training and academic needs of each trainee.

Trainees spend much of their time in a minimum of two schools, gaining an in depth understanding of teaching and learning across the course of the year, as well as developing an insight into the wider role of the teacher.

Trainees are supported by a mentor, who takes responsibility of the school based part of the programme.

As well as immersion in the life of the school, trainees attend a number of days at the Coach Lane Campus (NE7 7XA) over the course of the year.  These sessions provide the opportunity to be part of a professional learning community and to engage with some of the wider pedagogical and social theories around education.  This is delivered though some taught sessions delivered by university lecturers, as well as access to a range of online learning materials.  A tutoring system provides academic and pastoral support through campus based tutorials.

Based upon the specific training needs of the trainee, Northumbria University works with the school to provide personalised input, drawing expertise both within Northumbria and in school.  Trainees are assessed in school, as well as being required to show their level of understanding through a combination of assignments and presentation skills.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the trainee will be awarded either a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (Level 6) or a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Level 7), with a recommendation for QTS.

QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) is required for anyone who wishes to teach in a maintained school in England.  PGCE is an internationally recognised qualification which enables trainees to teach in schools beyond England.


High quality training will be delivers in a number of ways. Our trainees will access training at Northumbria University.  This provider has been given an Outstanding Ofsted grade.  In addition, trainees will receive bespoke training delivered by inspirational senior leaders designated as Specialist Leaders of Education.

The programme aims to deliver the skills of the classroom progressively.  Training begins with observations progressing to taking greater and more responsibility as confidence develops.  By the end of the first placement trainees will be responsible for teaching 50% of the timetable and by the end of the second placement 80%, in preparation for their NQT year.

The programme will begin on the first day of the school term and will run through the academic year finishing on the last day of the summer term.  Trainees will be welcomed as full members of the staff team and are encouraged to immerse themselves in all aspects of school life including professional development days, monitoring and evaluation activity, extra-curricular activities and community events.


Trainees will complete two placements of a contrasting nature in consecutive key phases.  In addition all trainees will complete a mini-placement at Sele First School during STEM fortnight.

A quote from a Trainee from our 2023-2024 Cohort

I have had a great year doing my training through the Sele. Having worked with children before yet not in a school setting I felt very supported the whole way through. I was placed in schools that I really enjoyed and had some excellent mentors who helped me develop. The academic side of the programme was equally supportive. The workload was balanced and manageable for the year helping me to enjoy my teaching and learning. The training offered has been excellent and prepared me well to start a career in teaching. I was able to secure a teaching position for the next academic year at the Sele so it’s great to be working in a school I know already.


The full cost of the course is £9250.  Recent graduates of Northumbria may be granted an alumni discount.