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The Arts

The Arts are at the core of life at the Sele First School. The arts develop children’s creative capacity allowing them to interpret the world around them. Art and Design, Music, Media, Literature, Dance and Drama provide diverse, rich and exciting learning experiences that allow children to connect knowledge, skills and concepts. Through the Arts, pupils are motivated and inspired to be confident, reflective citizens. These disciplines are a vehicle for self-expression, and creative energy, as well as an opportunity to fulfil personal potential. Within the Arts, we aim to involve local people and regional organisations as well as the larger community.

At the start of each academic year the whole school will take part in ‘Take One Picture’, a motivational and inspiring project. This will always involve each child contributing to a large collaborative piece of art.

We ensure that:

• All pupils have equal access to a planned, progressive high quality curriculum in the Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music and Literature.

• All pupils are given the opportunity to explore the Expressive Arts as a means of learning about great artists and cultures, but also as a vehicle to find their own gifts as artists.

• All pupils are provided with opportunities to motivate and inspire their creative skills and abilities.

• Standards are raised across the curriculum through high quality Arts teaching.

• As a school we improve and increase the knowledge and expertise of all staff.

• We explore and cultivate links with professionals and the community.

In the visual arts children are taught three main disciplines; drawing, painting and sculpture. They develop and refine these skills as they journey through school. Additionally, they have the opportunity to use other media such as; charcoal, pastels, ink, chalk and various printing materials.



Children will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of techniques and media through painting, printing, modelling, drawing, textiles and collage work. Within a structured framework children will be taught to understand and use elements such as colour, line, pattern and texture in their work. Across school children have the opportunity to work with artists. Local ‘landmark’ pieces are used as a stimulus to develop children’s personal, social and spiritual understanding.

As part of the personal development curriculum children have the opportunity to put themselves forward for a leadership role. Art Ambassadors have the responsibility of choosing our painting for Take One Picture each year as well as numerous other exciting opportunities such as visits to local Art establishments.