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Welcome to our SeleSchool Club Before and After School Provision provided at the        Sele First School.


SeleSchool Club provides a nurturing and stimulating environment providing term time wraparound care for the children within the Sele First School between the ages of 3-9 years. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to supporting children within our provision and inclusivity is at the core of our ethos. We understand all children are different and by working in partnership with caregivers we can provide a service which nurtures your children and values individuality to develop a caring community for all children to feel happy and secure as part of the SeleSchoolClub.


At SeleSchoolClub we are committed to providing an encouraging and nurturing environment for all, this includes those youngest children in Nursery and Reception who access the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS). The EYFS curriculum is broad encompassing seven areas of development including: Physical development, Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and language development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design. We plan activities around these seven areas to aid towards your child’s overall development.


Children accessing our Breakfast and After School provision will experience child-centred care allowing the children to be active participants in their own play and learning experience. Children will be empowered to explore and expand their skills by partaking in activities they enjoy which helps them to gain confidence to try new things. Sele School Playworkers are facilitators of play, their role is to aid your children in developing their interests, building on skills, and providing opportunities to play which promote learning experiences and child development.


For SeleSchoolClub the start of the day is a vital part of your child’s daily journey and children accessing our Breakfast club will be provided a friendly start to their school day. Sessions run from 8.00am until 9.00am daily. Breakfast selections include a selection of cereals, toast and rice cakes which are available as well as fresh fruit and a drink. After breakfast, your child can engage in a range of activities including playing with toys, reading, jigsaws, playing board games, drawing, or writing. We do encourage quieter morning play as we want your children to have the best start to the day ready for a full and active day at school.

Our After School provision is the perfect opportunity for your child to engage in a wide range of indoor and outdoor opportunities as sessions run from 3.00pm until 5.30pm. The Indoor provision for Sele School club encompasses two large rooms, we have a selection of tables, and rugs for the children to play, learn and explore at. Activities are differentiated to allow as many children to join in activities and play as possible and is continually monitored and adapted in line with the children’s needs. Indoor club provision includes but is not limited to access to toys, board games, sensory play, writing and drawing, crafting, building and messy play activities such as painting. Further indoor opportunities include the use of the Movement Lab, this is the indoor gym space within the Sele First School which allows children within our care to access physical indoor play opportunities. This includes climbing equipment, sports, dancing, music, and games. Another space routinely used by children at Sele School Club is the computing room, this is an excellent opportunity for children to use a computer to practice typing, create artwork, coding, research or simply to play games.


We also provide outdoor provision for your children including the use of our play equipment on the main yard, which helps develop your child’s physical skills whilst providing opportunities for child-led play and exploration. Another valuable space your child can enjoy with SeleSchoolClub is the Sele First garden space which we can use to develop your child’s interests in living creatures, gardening skills and their understanding of the world.


We understand as care givers how important it is that your child will be happy and content within our setting. Due to the diversity of our expanding Sele First School provision your child will have an opportunity to socialise with other children who will either have similar interests to themselves or different. This is essential for your child’s social development and overall sense of identity as they will navigate friendship and relationship development with peers and staff alike. We form an important part of your child’s day, and your communication is of the greatest importance to us. We want to share your child’s journey and achievements too but similarly if there is a concern, we want to hear from you.


SeleSchoolClub are incredibly proud of the provision we provide, and we hope by this brief insight into our ethos, provision, and development opportunities for your child you will be as excited as we are for your child to join us. Thank you for taking the time to consider sending your child to our SeleSchoolClub and we look forward to working in partnership with you, in the best interests of your child.


Many Thanks

Miss Brown

SSC Deputy Play Leader


Frequently Asked Questions:


What will my child eat at after school club?

Snack will be provided to children at the start of each session. We carefully select food from the Free From range for the children to enjoy including items such as rice cakes or crackers. Children are encouraged to eat fresh fruit also for snack. Children will drink water or milk with their food.


Can I send extra snacks into SSC for my child?

 We are an allergy conscious provider and the food offered in SSC are from the Free From range to ensure as many of our children within the provision can enjoy the same delicious food options available. It also allows us to carefully monitor and control the allergens within our setting to keep the children safe this is just one of the many ways we support and care for your children. We ask that you kindly do not send foods into club to ensure that all children accessing our provision are as safe as they can be from potential allergens. 


How will I know what my child has been doing that day/week?

We understand not all children are forth coming with what they have been up to that day, staff upon collection are more than happy to provide you with an update of what your child has been doing within that session. Your child’s achievements will be shared with you via Nursery in a Box via your child’s journey, a registered carer account will receive the email to notify you of an observation being completed.


Can my child bring in a toy or object to SeleSchoolClub?

We recognise that some children may need to use transitionary objects such as toys to transition from home to school to club. These objects can be brought into club however it will be up to your child to ensure they look after their toy as we have a lot of toys within club. We will ask however that no sharp toys or those which could be viewed as weapons such as swords, knives, guns are brought into club as they encourage rough play and could result in injury. Thank you for your support in this matter and if you are unsure, please do not hesitate to ask.


Will my child be very messy?

We will say that getting messy Is part of the process of learning and play however we are mindful that not everyone will have the means to wash a uniform daily. Therefore, we do have aprons for your children to wear when painting and taking part in messy activities, Children will be asked to roll up their sleeves when taking part in an activity.


Do the children do the same activity every day and how is it decided?

We provide a range of differentiated activities daily; indoor and outdoor activities are planned according to weather and if the space is being used for other clubs running in school at the same time.


When my child joins can I change which days they do every week?

No. When you complete your form for your child to attend SeleSchoolClub you will be committing to set days and times for your child to attend SeleSchoolClub this ensures we have the correct number of staff to child ratio, and it allows us to track placements.


I have a message I need to pass on to SeleSchoolClub how do I do this?

We would kindly ask that you contact the Sele First School admin team who will notify us as soon as possible.


My child must take medication can you give my child medication in club?

You will need to take the medication to the main office and fill out a form for your child’s medication needs. This will allow us to be able to carefully monitor how and when a medication needs to be given and how the medication should be stored.

Our SELESchoolClub Staff

SSC Team 2023 2024

For more information and to apply for a place please download the forms below. Places are subject to availability. 

SELESchool Club Contract and Registration Form

SeleSchoolClub T&C and Acceptance Form September 2024