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Year 2's Visit to Beamish

WOW! What a beautiful, sunny day at Beamish Year 2 have had. 

We began the day with a very exciting bus journey to the museum. We explored the old town where children visited the dentist to see how a ‘regular check up’ was done. Children were shocked to see what their ‘local Co-Op’ would have looked like in the Victorian era.
“Why is everything so cheap?” Alfie
After lunch we visited the Victorian school where children were able to compare their own experience (last half term) to the Beamish one. 
“I see no pencils but I can definitely see lots of chalk! What dusty fingers the children must have had!” Aria
Most children were able to board a tram for a journey around the museum. They enjoyed waving at members of the public as they passed!
After lots of exploring, children boarded the coach back to school where there were some very tired eyes, but very excited children talking about their day. 

Y2 Beamish

 Check out some of the pictures taken from our school visit!