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Year 2's Wonka Day

Welcome to the World of Pure Imagination… 

It’s not your imagination, you see it right, children in Year 2 have been making MARVELLOUS CREATION BARS
They began the week by planning and designing their very own chocolate bar. Children thought carefully about the key ingredients they would need and the wrapper it would be sold in. 
In English, they unpicked what is needed to write a set of instructions. The children did a great job of spotting bossy (imperative) verbs! 
Here are some pictures of children using their food technology skills to create their very own Wonka Bar. 


"I really enjoyed using the rolling pin to flatten the marshmallows." 

“Sprinkling my secret ingredients into the chocolate made it easier to spread them out evenly." 
"The biscuit crumbled to hide inside of the chocolate."