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Wellbeing Day February 2024

Children across school have taken part in a range of wellbeing activities today, here are some of the wellness practises each year group has enjoyed.

Nursery have enjoyed the whole morning in the school garden. We talked about how being outside, playing with our friends can make us feel good. We then enjoyed a whole group snack outside! We all enjoyed the fresh air!

Reception visited the ‘Sele Spa’, we talked about rest, relaxation and drinking water to keep hydrated. We drew things that make us happy and took part in a yoga session.

Year 1 have been thinking about the people, places, plants and animals that make us feel happy. We’ve painted portraits of our friends and family; made a giant map, filled with our favourite places; and made models of animals and pets with Lego. We’ve also been active by taking part in our final Gymnastics session with Gayle Smith. What a great day!

Year 2 took part in a Wellbeing Walk altogether. Whilst on a short walk around the Sele, children were able discuss the importance of talking about their feelings. They took part in some breathing activities and spotted things that they were grateful for.
2DR’s Wellbeing Champion said, “the breathing made me feel good and I might use that to help me if I’m sad. I might also be able to use that with my friends.”
2HS’ Wellbeing Champion said, “I liked listening to the birds tweeting and I want to listen out for them on my next walk!”

Year 4 have had a fantastic Wellbeing Day! We have had many activities available throughout the day, including board games, participation in the NSCPP Rocks TT Rockstars tournament, mindful art and a visit to the theatre!

Wellbeing Day February 2024