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Archaeology Club

Y4 Archaeologists have used their historical knowledge brilliantly over the past few weeks. Inspired by the Neolithic ‘cups and rings' that are visible on rocks in Northumberland today, children engraved their own rock art. As Archaeologists can only speculate about the meaning of the original engravings, Y4 created their own symbols.

In the second week, they sewed Roman bullas, a type of amulet worn by Roman children to protect them until they reached adulthood. These contained lucky messages or charms to keep them safe.

Children were very excited to make and excavate poos from the past! They learnt that 'coprolites' contain evidence to help archaeologists understand what people ate and how they prepared their food. Roman coprolites may contain melon and olive stones, whereas Vikings' were likely to contain fish bones. Children made their own, then excavated each other's to determination which period of history they had come from! 

In the final week, Y4 played an Ancient Egyptian game of Mehen (the snake game). They discovered a new way to count moves, using coloured sticks rather than a dice.