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At Sele First School we believe that a high quality History curriculum inspires children’s curiosity about the past and strengthens their understanding of the world in which they live. It helps pupils to make sense of the present as well as the past, and to appreciate the complexity and diversity of human societies and development. This is achieved through the study of Northumberland’s rich heritage and that of the wider world.


Pupils have the opportunity to examine how continuity, progress and change in the past influence their lives today. It is especially important for children in a culturally homogeneous school community such as Hexham to recognise the diverse contributions made to History by citizens from all countries. They are taught to recognise and challenge stereotypes.  The staff and governors recognise that History can enrich children’s understanding by opening doors to worlds they may not otherwise experience in their everyday life.


As children progress through school, they have repeated opportunities to deepen and build upon their chronological knowledge and understanding. This enables them to access future learning in the context of their own historical framework. Pupils have repeated encounters with a wide range of important concepts in a number of different contexts.


We firmly believe that pupils should see themselves as Historians, with the ability to sift and question evidence, make considered judgements and develop the appropriate vocabulary with which to communicate their ideas.  Through the explicit teaching of historical enquiry children become critical, analytical thinkers who can apply their skills to other areas of the curriculum.   

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